Tips for designing Jewelry packaging in 2022

Article by Rosa Bella Caiyoke Tan & Tanachot Suksawat

First impression is the state of forming a mental image when first encountering a person, event, or brand. It is significantly important to the luxury product and service industry that hugely emphasizes on the brand image. The moment the brand can establish their identity  into customers’ subconsciousness, the brand gains huge advantages over their competitors. Because of this reason, attention to every detail is a manual that every brand does.  Packaging is one of the most important elements as it is the first thing customers see when purchasing the product. When opening the package it always creates an astonishing feeling in everyone’s heart. Moreover, In the jewelry business, apart from the aesthetic image, the packaging should also suit the jewelry, preventing any possible damage and at the same time creating an aesthetic vibe to enhance the whole piece.

These are tips that should be considered when designing the  jewelry packaging in 2022

  1. Size and shape : Designing the right jewelry box that fits perfectly can affect a lot. It can prevent the damage from squeezing too tight or too loose. The shape of the packaging should also fit with the jewelry as it displays the design on the workpiece. 
  2. Material : Using premium quality on packaging can extend the durability. It can also bring out the premium and luxury essense when just holding one without seeing the actual product. In 2022, the trend of social and environmental responsibility is rising. Therefore, using sustainable material for packaging is a great strategy to attract customers. Ignoring this trend can also backfire the brand image as the demand for sustainability is increasing among the conscious customers every year. 
  3. Design : The color, logo, and typography are all elements that represent the brand. Putting it on the packaging is the critical part of branding. It represents the brand mood and tone and sets the brand character into the customer’s mind. For some occasions, the design, especially the color, can express the feeling that the brand wants their customers to experience. Some of the examples are red which can express the moods of love, passion, or caring for someone, black creates mysterious feelings and powerful, white represents pure, clean, and simplicity.

Duang Kaew Jewelry values our product quality as our first priority. However, we never neglected other elements such as services and packaging as it can lessen the satisfaction of our customers when receiving our products. Due to this reason, our clients can receive our product with confidence. 

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