The Brand​


The Brand

Duang Kaew Jewelry Manufacturer has been in the jewelry industry since 1994.

The founders of “Duang Kaew” are Mr Kimchun Suksawat and Mr Prasat Suksawat. Due to their passion in jewelry and gemstones, They start their career path in this field from a young age. With high attention to detail in every process, made by skilled and experienced craftsmans, “Duang Kaew” can establish their name in both the domestic and international clients. Our product quality can be guaranteed as our method uses global standards.

The Work

“The first step is always the hardest”

Our founders began in the jewelry and gemstone career from goldsmith to mold maker, polisher, and jewelry assembly craftsman. By strongly devoting themselves to learn in every process, they can control their quality as they are specialists. As a result, “Duang Kaew” became well known among people in the industry as a manufacturer that produces high quality products.

Even when they step up to be administrators, they never neglected any small detail in each process. Although they have faced many obstacles, the goal of being faithful to deliver goods that are beyond the expectation make “Duang Kaew” become one of the leading companies in this business.

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