Special Gifts for Special Occasions

Article by Rosa Bella Caiyoke Tan & Tanachot Suksawat


Have you ever experienced when you cannot find or decide which present you will buy for the one you sincerely love on any special occasion? This article will help you have an idea why jewelry is one of the best choices for you to give to your loved one on your memorable day, creating a great impression and moment together as we have been recognized for more than 40 years with full experience of manufacturing jewelry.  Let Duang Kaew Jewelry help you  for any hard decision you need to make and become the solution for any problem you have.

Here are some recommendations gifts for special occasions:


The first time a newborn child looks at the world is the same time he or she becomes the most precious gift to the parents. After that, is the experience of raising a child, seeing him or her growing step-by-step, giving them the love that no one can compete with. Every year, parents celebrate their child’s birthday not just to show their love, but to recall one of their best moments in their lives, the time when they first saw their child. Therefore, birthdays are the day that is full of love, the love from parents, siblings, and friends who are all grateful to share their memories with someone. This is the time when the present symbolizes the memory that should never be forgotten. This is when we, Duang Kaew Jewelry, want to introduce a timeless present for everyone who cannot decide which present is best to represent the irreplaceable memory with your loved one, the memory of the first glance of a couple to their newborn baby, the look of a person giving to his or her lover, the moment people realize that they cannot take their eyes out of someone as the unconditional love is forming to one’s heart, the moment of “Love at first sight”. “Alyssa”, the collection that represents not just the phrase, but the memory of each piece given to the person you love. Perfect for every moment needed to be remembered, “Alyssa” by Duang Kaew.


“Love at first sight”

A branded collection inspired by our favorite luxury gemstone.  The phrase ‘love at first sight’ means falling in love with someone after seeing them for the very first time.




Graduation day can be considered the checkpoint in everyone’s life. It is one of the most memorable moments of a  lifetime. It is the day that the person who spends much effort on preparing their paths for the future career can proudly step into the real world with knowledge and skills. It is considered to be one of the most important checkpoints as it is the time for a flower to bloom in the way that they choose to pursue their dreams. Similar to the Duang Kaew Jewelry “Roselyn” collection that was inspired by the concept of “blooming” meaning the time when one’s revealing their true beauty to its surroundings.


“Live in Full Bloom”, a beautiful process of becoming

A branded collection inspired by nature showcases vibrant. Everyday shining with Flower lively created for you.




Celebrating annually with your loved one, showing how important they are as a part of your life is necessary. Anniversary can be anything from your lovers to your friends, humans or pets. It is the time to remind you that every second is valuable when you use it with your loved ones. Time will pass with just the blink of an eye. Use the “Caitlin” collection by Duang Kaew to emphasize the day that you first met with the person you love, enhance your trust with each other, bond your relationship, and share the best moment of the anniversary together.


“Confidence breeds beauty”

Beauty, a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.




Having a break after stressful work can help you remind yourself who you are and what your vision is. It is the time to recap what you have done and what it means to you? It can guide you to the future. Most importantly, it is the time you can look around and find valuable people who are beside you all this time. Returning them with good deeds that is equivalent to what they have given to you. It is the time to share great gifts and memories, rest your mind, and recover your soul. “Adara” collection by Duang Kaew was designed under the concept of adoring yourself, creating positivity which will pass to others.


“Adore yourself”

Minimal collections inspired by the concept of loving yourself start with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself in positive ways.



Here’s our recommendation for ideal gifts for special occasions .Every piece that we make, every texture that we touch, we do it gently with attention to detail, delivering you the greatest quality in every piece.

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